Responsible, sustainable future

Today, responsible, sustainable, and humane actions are more important than ever.

Our purpose is to enable the building of safe infrastructure around the world. We recognize our social responsibility in all our operations: developing premium quality products with long service life, assessing environmental impact and energy-efficiency, and promoting health, safety, and ergonomics in work environments.

We act as an innovative compass, constantly developing new, even more sustainable solutions together with our customers and partners. We are more customer-oriented and we invest in the development of expertise and competence that are most important to us.

We actively help our customers to find the overall package that meets their sustainability targets.

Our sustainability goals

Minimize our impact on the climate

Promote the use of responsibly sourced materials and material efficiency

Promote the eco-friendly packaging and transportation

Our sustainability work is constantly developed

We carry out sustained work to ensure that our own production, as well as the entire procurement chain and the life cycle of products and services, are sustainable.

We develop safe products and services that meet the customers’ needs and support carbon neutrality, the entire life cycle of which is on a sustainable basis. We offer our customers reliable and modern solutions.

Information security and cyber security are also important bases in the development of digital services in order to ensure sustainability in the solutions we offer to our customers.

We make production more sustainable by using resources efficiently, using clean and environmentally friendly technologies and allocating funds for research and development.

Our production facilities are heated with geothermal heat pumps.

Minimize our impact on the climate

Improve energy efficiency of transports

We aim to use energy efficient methods of transportation, as provided by our main logistics provider DHL.

DHL is also committed to minimizing their impact on the environment and focusing on eco-friendly methods of transportation for the future.

Reduce material waste

Primarily, we aim to prevent the production of waste. Any waste we produce is sorted and recycled wherever possible.

We maintain waste bookkeeping and hand over waste only to transport companies that are in the waste management register and to recipients entitled to receive the waste in question. Ordinary waste is sorted, and material suitable for utilization, such as metal, is delivered for reuse. Hazardous waste is delivered to licensed hazardous waste processing plants.

Supplier code of conduct 

We monitor and prevent negative social impacts of our supplier chain, for example, by supporting well-known suppliers and by avoiding purchases from high-risk countries.

We require our suppliers to be committed to ethical conduct, and comply with all applicable national and international laws and treaties; respecting human rights in the spirit of internationally recognized standards.

Our target is that our suppliers make a commitment with us to economically, socially and ecologically sustainable  operations. We procure our products from the best suppliers in the field in order to safeguard long-term and stable operations.

Traceability of steel materials and data sheets for all chemicals

We require our suppliers to provide adequate documentation on all aspects of material handling or chemicals used in production to safeguard long-term and stable operations.

No conflict minerals 

We source materials and components from reputable international partners who are committed to supporting the objectives of the international community against minerals being sourced from countries which are either suffering from armed conflict, such as civil war, a post-conflict state of fragility or witnessing weak or non-existing governance and systematic violations of international law, including human rights abuses. By evaluations, agreements and audits, we ensure that our suppliers comply with the same objectives.

Promote the eco-friendly packaging and transportation

We minimize the environmental impact of our own packaging materials

We strive to select packaging materials that are best for the environment and use them efficiently. Whenever possible, mailing will use the product’s own packaging and avoid unnecessary additional packaging. We monitor developments in the industry and test new, more eco-friendly packaging products.

Packing materials according ISPM 15 standard

The purpose of the ISPM 15 standard is to prevent pests living in wood from moving to other ecosystems with the packaging material. A health certificate is not required for wooden packaging material marked according to the ISPM 15 standard in countries that use the standard.

Social responsibility as employer

No use of child labour in production chain

100 % commitment to collective bargaining

All employees have occupational health care and statutory pension

We want to offer our employees a safe and inspiring workplace where our personnel are able to grow and develop their competence in view of the needs of the future.

We aim for a zero-accident workplace where everyone is involved in the development of occupational safety. With a good level of occupational safety, we want to impact the employees’ occupational wellbeing and the improvement of the productivity and quality of work.

We always act in accordance with the laws and regulations, the provisions and contracts concerning the industry and our own safety guidelines, and expect our partners to do the same.


Constantly developing our products we can provide sustainable future

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