Experience and Expertise in Device Testing

Hundreds of testing machines around the world

Our expertise with testing devices is build within telecommunication industry. Several mobile phone manufacturers and related businesses all around the world have chosen our machine as their testing device. As our client you are able to run tests according to the international standards and find the most suitable and durable components for your products for example.

Testing devices, services and expertise with the highest standard

Heina Ltd produces machines that can be used on industrial premises, especially in R&D laboratories. We make machines that are CE certified, easy to use, basicly free of service and exceptionally silent. All of our testers can be customized in many ways according to the customers´ needs. For example medical companies designing or manufacturing products such as blood pressure or blood sugar level indicators, insuline pump or hearing aids could benefit from using our equipment right away.

Design and build your own test rig

Do you want to build your own test rig, but are not sure if the parts might fail or how to operate it. If this is the case, then HEINA’s testing devices might be a good option for you. We offer a free demo to make sure our equipment suits your needs.

Had used HEINA´s Testers in the past and currently position in our lab of AINA Wireless. Could not be more satisfied with the Testers itself and service provided. Gives us strong confidence about product quality

AINA Wireless Inc. / Pasi Auranen, CTO

I continue to be impressed with the quality of your construction

Kevin King, Electro- Mechanical Engineer / Apkudo LLC, USA