Motion Analysis

High Speed imaging

Heinä’s High Speed Camera with an Integrated LED Light Option is available for our Drop Tester and Tumble Tester. This is the perfect tool for examining the drop and the dropped item more closely and for acquiring more valuable information about them. The camera will add to the value of your new Drop Tester and Tumble Tester. You can also upgrade existing Tester with a camera. We are a re-seller of Vision Research Phantom high speed cameras and have over 20 years of experience of applying the cameras in Testers. We also provide you with extra services, training and upgrades for the products.

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There are no shortcuts while building top of the class products.

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Every project is planned and implemented accurately with years of experience.

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World's leading testing devices for electronic industry.

Founded in 1988

Konepaja-Heinä Oy is a Finnish company founded in 1988.

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Innovative, CE approved testing devices and good personal service.

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Trusted by the largest manifacturing companies around the world.

Technical specification

Maximum speed at full resolution3200 FPS
Maximum speed at reduced resolution650000 FPS
Maximum sensitivity (ISO)