Abrasion Tumbler

Innovative Abrasion Tumbler

Heinä’s Abrasion Tumbler is used to test electronic devices’ durability against small particles such as dust, textile dust or sand. The items to be tested are placed inside three lockers of Abrasion Tumbler’s drum. Inside of the drum is covered with denim and small denim strips are used as the standard abrasion material within the lockers too. Depending on user’s needs, other material can be used as well. All three lockers are separated from each other with a dust proof wall. Both front and back of the drum is made of transparent polycarbonate. The rotation speed of the drum is possible to set 10-30 rpm. Testing period can be set with a programmable counter.

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Technical specification

Width1000 mm
Height1000 mm
Depth700 mm
Drum diagonal640 mm
Adjustable rotation speed10-30 rpm
Electrical supply100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Time counter1 min – 24h
Two-way rotation0-60 min
Engine power0,55 kW
Machine weight80 kg
Max item weight1 kg