Tumbler Tester II with optional high-speed camera


Tumble Tester II is used to test
the breakage of various small
products up to 1 kilograms.

The test product is placed in a Tumble Tester II barrel. When the desired number of drops and inspection intervals are selected, the machine is started. The machine drops the product to the base of the barrel in random positions (free fall).

The rotational speed of the machine is selected so that the object falls in the middle of the base. The machine can be modified according to the customer’s wishes.

500 and 1000 mm

5–15 drops per minute (adjustable in 0.1 steps)

up to 1 kg (upgradable)

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Drop Testing Specifications

  • Drop height: 500 and 1 000 mm
  • Drop rate: 5–15 drops per minute (adjustable in 0.1 steps)
  • Test capacity: up to 1 kg (upgradable)


  • Steady aluminium frame, reliable construction
  • Safety cage, roof, and electronic door lock
  • Easy to operate
  • Programmable drop counter
  • Adjustable tumble rate
  • Counter for next inspection
  • Easy access to product for inspection
  • Service free machine
  • Tester can be divided into three separate parts for easy transportation
  • Memory slots for preset settings

Optional Features

Standardized tests

The machine can be used to perform standardized tests in accordance with;

  • IEC 60068-2-31
  • IEC 60312-1
  • IEC 61558-1

The tester complies with directive 2006/42/EY, 2014/35/EU and 2014/30/EU, and standard SFS EN ISO 12100 has been applied.

Tumble Tester II must not be used to test explosive objects or such objects which at breaking release hazardous gases that may cause a health risk to the user or the surroundings.

with optional high-speed camera

Width1160 mm
Height1600 mm
Depth1500 mm
Weight200 kg
Engine power0.18 kW
Electrical supply100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
BNC OutputTrigger for camera
CE markingYes