We’ll make sure you succeed

We comply with the turnkey principle for every customer. We want to make everything as straightforward and easy as possible so our customers can attend to test their products and make them perform even better.

“I will personally make sure that you succeed”

Ilkka Heinä
CEO Heina Ltd.
Tel. +358 40 078 9747
Email: ilkka.heina@heina.net

We install all the products ready for use

After our customer receives the products Heina’s mechanic comes on the spot and assemble tester for you, so you can start performing test for your products.

We provide instruction and education to all our customers

With every order our customer will receive tablet that will include all the required instructions regarding the product. Heina Ltd. also provides customer service and help in any situations.

Protocols for every need

Heina’s products include test software which has protocols in it. Protocols guide you to standardized drops and test to ensure example military grade products.

We also provide customized protocols for our customer’s needs.

All our products are packed with care in self-made boxes to ensure safe and secured transporting. Safe packaging is keystone when exporting products all over the world.