New testing devices for future innovations

Our products are an integral part of the evolution of electronics and technology innovations, providing users with better and safer products on the market.

Our products help our customers to innovate in their own fields of operations. We ourselves need to stay focused on what needs to be done to keep filling these needs of our customers regarding their product testing and other development projects.

This includes not just researching the future technologies but also communicating with our customers on their needs and challenges so that we can provide and develop testing devices that match those needs and challenges.

We are constantly making small improvements on our products and creating new prototypes without forgetting at the same time to minimize our impact on the environment.

Read more about our sustainability actions here

Solid platform for innovations

Protocols and certifications

We provide complete testing protocols for our customers to ensure product testing has purpose and testing follows standards so products can earn certifications.

Details in operation

Little details make a difference when companies hone their product. That’s why we have honed our product with every single detail covered. Even our concrete slab is finished by and for maximum quality.

A look at the future

We have our sights always on the future. Thanks to our trusted companion Omron we are ready to take the next step to improve our production. We have our hands on a new collaborative robot which makes the production more efficient and precise.