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Testing devices from high-tech Finland

There are no shortcuts while building top of the class products. On your way to the top, we at Konepaja-Heinä Ltd. are proud to support you with the world’s leading testing devices for electronic industry.

Konepaja-Heinä Ltd. is a Finnish company founded in 1988. We are proud to provide our customers with innovative, CE approved testing devices, good personal service and reliable partnership. Our main products, Tumble Tester II, Drop Tester DT2000s and Abrasion Tumbler 640/3i are used by tens of electronic manufacturers all around the world.

Had used HEINA´s Testers in the past and currently position in our lab of AINA Wireless. Could not be more satisfied with the Testers itself and service provided. Gives us strong confidence about product quality
-AINA Wireless Inc. / Pasi Auranen, CTO

I continue to be impressed with the quality of your construction
-Kevin King, Electro- Mechanical Engineer / Apkudo LLC, USA

Heinä Drop Tester

Heinä’s Drop Tester is used to test the breakage of various small items and components. The machine meets the following drop testing standards: IEC 60068-2-31 and IEC 60601-1 standard drop test as well as Standard MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.5. The item to be tested is attached to the suction pads of the machine and dropped from selected speed of 3,5–6,25 m/s or height of 600–2000 mm (option 300–3000 mm).

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Heinä Tumble Tester II

Heinä’s Tumble Tester II is used to test the breakage of various small items and components. This machine can be used to perform the standard tests IEC 60068-2-31 (incorporated IEC 60068-2-32 and BS EN 60068-2-32) and IEC 60950-1. The item to be tested is placed in the Tumble Tester. The desired number of falls is selected and the machine is set in motion.

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Heinä Abrasion Tumbler

Heinä’s Abrasion Tumbler is used to test electronic devices’ durability against small particles such as dust, textile dust or sand. The items to be tested are placed inside three lockers of Abrasion Tumbler’s drum. Inside of the drum is covered with denim and small denim strips are used as the standard abrasion material within the lockers too.

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Heinä Motion Analysis

Heinä’s High Speed Camera with an Integrated LED Light Option is available for our Drop Tester and Tumble Tester. This is the perfect tool for examining the drop and the dropped item more closely and for acquiring more valuable information about them. The camera will add to the value of your new Drop Tester and Tumble Tester.

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